The Band


... and here we are ...  

Holger Schroth - guitars  

Sven Bussemer - keyboards, vocals  

Horst Ludwik - bass, vocals  

Christian Strasser - drums  

Peter Maerz - leadvocals  



The name CENTARON is merely fanatasy.

Kaiserslautern (Germany)

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards and Vocals

CENTARON represents a highly explosive mixture, containing almost all varietys of modern rock music. (Power Metal meets Alternative Rock)

CENTARON doesn’t only play originals (including their new CD)
but also a lot of “different” coversongs; for instance: Faith No More, Him, Life Of Agony, Led Zeppelin, Take That(!?!) etc.

Founded in 1993. After experiences and experiments in the whole wide world of Progressive Metal, Centaron re-organized themeselves as far as music and line-up was concerned. This procedure led to a new style which they call “Designer Metal”.

Tapes ‘n Disc(s):
1995 - Leave The Darkness (Demo Tape)

1997 - Colors (Demo Tape)

1999 - Face The Music (CD)