Name: Sven Bußemer
Birthday: May 9th 1972
Height: 186 cm
Hair color: Brown (sometimes)
Eye color: Brown
Birthplace: Kaiserslautern
Movies: Arizona Dreaming, Singles, Twin Peaks, Star Wars 1-3,
Actors: Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes,
Actresses: Bridget Fonda, Sigourney Weaver,
Sports: Badminton, Parachuting, Soccer
TV: South Park, Futurama,
Books: The Hitch Hiker`s Guide to the Galaxy
Foods: Mexican Food
Drinks: Margarita, Dornfelder
Bands: Depeche Mode, Everclear, Faith no more, Incubus, Korn, Pearl Jam
Equipment: different Synthesizer & Sampler